I started Éclat impressions December 2021 straight after graduating University. With Job hunting being difficult and requirements for jobs being extremely precise, I knew I had to enroll into an organisation that would teach me the fundamentals of being a business analyst whilst being able harness and stabilize my skills as well as also feeling comfortable learning.

Through word of mouth, I was introduced to Coach Omolabake who took me under her wings and taught me the fundamentals of Business analyst. She was available any day I needed answers and gave practical examples which further helped my learning. She guided me on how to reform and present my CV/ Linkedln to become more professional which helped with receiving calls from employers. She ran me through the interview process and gave valuable tips on how to deal with questions and improve confidence.

Though difficult at the start of the interview phase with rejections, Coach was available any time, any day to help with getting me set for the next interviews. This gave me hope knowing that I had someone there constantly supporting me. Through Éclat Impressions, I was able to secure 3 roles as a Business Analyst. Éclat Impressions not only gave me the skills but also built my confidence overall

which I am extremely grateful for. I would highly recommend Éclat Impressions to anyone looking to understand more, harness their skills, obtain the fundamental skills and ability a business analyst should obtain. 10 out of 10 experiences for me.